Free to Fly


Tahliyah is unable to walk, unable to speak, but despite this her smile lights up the room and her joy radiates past her physical needs. At 6 months doctors began to figure out that something wasn’t quite right physically with Tahliyah. But to this day her condition remains largely undiagnosed. Part of her diagnosis is Mitochondrial disease however this is only part of the story this little girl is still undergoing numerous tests to try and establish what exactly is going on in her young body.In planning Tahliyah’s Story Art piece, I asked Jacqui to share with me Tahliyah’s loves, which included animals and her dog Macey. Building from this I came up with an idea to free Tahliyah from the chair, from her restrictions, and create an image with her in the air. I imagined butterflies carrying her through the sky, representative of her family and friends that lift her up and carry her in reality. I wanted her dog in the image looking up in awe next to her mobility chair that was to be left behind in the scene.

Unable to Walk, Unable to Speak, Free to Fly

Tahliyah Free to Fly by Story Art

The ‘how’ of this creation requires a lot more detail, and I’ll share this in another post outlining the technicalities of this creation. But for this image, it’s so much more about the why and the who. Freeing Tahliyah to fly and seeing her family’s reaction to the final image has moved me tremendously.

I invite you to view the creation of ‘Free to Fly’ in video form below


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I’ve always known that Story Art had the ability to bring dreams to life, but this project has moved beyond exciting the imagination to bringing real hope and joy. I’m so thankful to Tahliyah for giving me an opportunity to use my own gifts to provide her and and family with this gift of hope.

Jacqui and Kelly shared Tahliyah’s story with me when I delivered their print (seen by them for the first time at their home).

Tahliyah’s Story – A 5 Year Journey

It is my desire to help find an answer for this family and other families who are navigating the confusing waters of unknown diseases and challenging situations. Tahliyah is the same age as my daughter, Jazzlyn. Imagining my own daughter going through similar challenges breaks my heart. I hope that my art in some way can encourage families living daily with these sort of struggles.

It may seem that the backing song to this video was written especially for Tahliyah and in essence it was. It was written for all families struggling through illness and limitations.

Guy Sebastian shares here about the inspiration behind the song, ‘Imagine the Sunrise’. 

The Sebastian Foundation generously provided Tahliyah’s family with ticket’s to Guy Sebastian’s Regional Tour. It was at the after the concert that Guy, Jules and I had the honour met with the family back stage to share some exciting news…

I look forward to sharing part 2 of this story in coming weeks. Together with The Sebastian Foundation we surprised the family with a special gift, which will be revealed soon!

In partnership with The Sebastian Foundation we hope to bring joy to families through future Story Art pieces, raise money for research, and help find answers for Tahliyah’s family and others. This project is called ‘The Heart Project’ and this is only the beginning.

If you would like to support this cause financially you can donate to The Sebastian Foundation .

This project has been made possible by the following businesses, equipment and companies, I’d like to say a big thanks to each of them.

Equipment and Products used in this project:

Canon Australia – Canon 5dsr and 5diii, 24 – 70 2.8L, 16 – 35 2.8 L
EIZO Australia – EIZO Coloredge CG277
Canson Infinity – Baryta Fine Art Paper
Wacom Australia – Wacom Cintiq Companion 2
Kayell Australia – Supplier of Canson Infinity and Epson inks
ProTog – Jinbei LED Continous 150s, HD600’s and 400W Jinbei Strobes – Slideshow software utalised in ‘Tahliyah’s Story’ – Tethering cables, attachments and stands for the Wacom to 5DSr on location and in studio
Pixel Squid – 3D Object (Wheelchair) that assisted with angles and placement
Art Defined – Framing of the finished print

Thank you to Jeannette Benbow and Stuart Alsop for their behind the scenes footage

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