Karley Miller’s Ultimate Work Experience in the USA

Karley Miller lived 17 years with severe epilepsy. Last year she underwent an operation that had a 50% chance of survival. The operation was to remove almost half her brain, which would cease the fits, and allow her to live a normal life. The operation was a success and Karley is now about to turn 18 and finally ready to make up for lost time.

Karley’s journey has been on the well publicised and can be seen here: https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/30758774/brave-teen-risks-life-with-operation-to-remove-half-her-brain-in-hope-it-will-end-daily-seizures/

When Karley’s mother, Nikki, approached The Sebastian Foundation with Karley’s story, she shared that it was Karley’s dream to be a Photographer.

So now we are giving this dream a kick start, and providing Karley the ultimate work experience in the USA (her first overseas trip). Karley will spend time with some of the most world renowned and inspirational and  photographers in the USA in May.

Karley will also attend Karen Alsop’s  San Diego Story Art Workshop at the Museum of Photographic Art where she will learn digital photographic compositing – www.storyart.com.au

To raise money for Karley’s experience, we approached photographers and companies worldwide with Karley’s story. The generosity that poured out was astounding. We are pleased to present ‘The Photographer’s Digital Pack’ worth over $750, priced at just $99 (until the 27th of May). This pack contains tutorials, overlays, actions, videos, discounts, stock imagery and more. 


All money raised goes towards The Sebastian Foundation to fund Karley Miller’s experience and future Heart Projects for other families in need.

To purchase the pack visit: The Photographer’s Digital Pack

Photographer's Digital Pack

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  1. […] To find out more about Karley Miller’s heART Project in LA visit: http://theheartproject.com.au/karleymiller/ […]

  2. […] To find out more about Karley Miller’s heART Project in LA visit: http://theheartproject.com.au/karleymiller/ […]

  3. Kaela Xoe Noah says: Reply

    Filled with emotion but motionless. I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you sweetie. Your bravery is remarkable x

  4. […] session was made possible because of the Sebastian Foundation and The HeART Project. Without their help, none of this could be possible. Be sure to look at their special package to […]

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