Karley’s Diary – Day 10

Oh no! It’s the last day of my work experience and I’m feeling both happy and sad! Happy because I still can’t believe exactly how lucky I am to have experienced something that so many people would have killed for and sad because I just am not ready to say goodbye to the USA and to all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.

But there’s still the last day to look forward to and that I did!  My morning started with an early street photo challenge set by Adam who took me to some sights around downtown San Diego. Today is also the second day of Karen Alsop’s StoryArt Workshop at The Museum of Photography Art or MOPA in San Diego.

Lining up with other photographers to get the pic
Lining up with other photographers to get the pic

Together with the other workshop attendees we headed to San Diego Zoo which is celebrating it’s 100th Year this year – it’s a huge zoo and while I’ve been to the zoo before, I’ve never been with one of the top wildlife photographers in the world! Laurie Rubin was once again with me showing me around the zoo and her favourite animals to photograph. She told me how to hold my camera, what angles to shoot from and other tips and tricks on photographing different animals.

I had so much fun wandering around the zoo under her guidance and managed to get some great photos! The cheetahs and leopards were my highlight – and I took a lot of pics like this shot!

I took this photo!!
I took this photo!!

After the zoo visit, we headed back to the Editing Room back at MOPA with the rest of the team and Karen began to step us through how she puts together her creative and imaginative photo scenes. This was my first real time at using both Lightroom and Photoshop but I gave it a go and surprised myself at the same time. I definitely have a long way to go with this all but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Mum and I watching Karen's Photoshop demonstration intensely
Mum and I watching Karen’s Photoshop demonstration intensely

After the lesson was over, I got a note that someone was waiting to chat to me on Skype. It was Brian Bird, a photographer who lives in Australia and had actually been to one of The heART Project Workshops previously. Brian told me he loved what The heART Project did, so he was paying it forward and was going to come to me for a day’s full tutorial in Lightroom plus he was going to pay my Creative Cloud Membership for the first year! Wow!! I was so stoked.

After Brian’s surprise we went to the MOPA Photography Archive and filmed a big interview with Pete from EPIK Films who has been following us for the past 10 days and capturing all of my journey.

Filming my final video diary for the trip
Filming my final video diary

There were lots of tears. From both mum and I. It was then sitting in the library that it dawned on me exactly how generous people had been for me and how so many people wanted to see me succeed. I am so grateful for mum for writing that letter to The Sebastian Foundation without me knowing all those months ago. Thank you to everyone who came together to help me celebrate #lifewithhalfabrain – my life has changed forever because of you all! 

– K

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