The Girl From Oz

At the age of 17, after enduring a childhood full of severe epileptic seizures and drugs to manage the condition, she was given a new lease on life. Karley had half her brain removed in a miraculous (and risky) procedure. She made a full recovery following the operation and now lives a life free of the seizures that held her captive for 17 years.

In January 2016, Karley’s mum, Nikki, wrote to The Sebastian Foundation, sharing Karley’s desire to become a Photographer. The Sebastian Foundation and Karen Alsop of Story Art collaborated to provide Karley with the most incredible work experience you could imagine.

Karen Alsop from Story Art created this image ‘The Girl From Oz’ – with Karley’s photos taken during a live workshop at San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Art and later composited to capture her whirlwind journey from Cowra to America.

"Girl From Oz" – By Karen Alsop from Story Art. Showing the whirlwind magical trip that The Heart Project was able to…

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