SJ’s Story

Two photographers have joined forces to complete a photography project for Sarah-Jane “SJ” Staszak, an inspirational woman who, after suffering a herniated disc in her job as an outdoor education instructor, woke up from surgery to find she had become a quadriplegic.

Released to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017, the images show 43 year-old SJ with her 8 year-old son, Hamish, battling the elements in a series of extraordinary scenes.

There are five photos in the collection, two from highly-acclaimed viral photographer Benjamin Von Wong, and three composite art scenes from award-winning Australian photographer Karen Alsop from Story Art. Each of the images, created in the style of their respective photographer, were designed to showcase the unbreakable bond of love between a mother and her son.

Watch Von Wong’s Video Here


Watch Karen Alsop’s Video Here

To see the photos from this very special heART Project check the gallery below

Benjamin Von Wong’s Series – Visit the Blog

The full story told from Benjamin’s Von Wong’s perspective can be found on his blog

Karen Alsop’s Series – Visit the Blog

The full story told from Karen Alsop’s perspective can be found on her blog

Want to support SJ’s desire to make The Blue Mountains more accessible for the disabled community?

Visit to her GoFundMe page and pledge your support


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